RE: Call for +1 on shipping address and contact info delegation- Chrome's intent to ship

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This feature allows Payment Handlers such as SRC to provide not only payment credentials, but also consumer-related details creating consistent UX.

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Sent: 26 November 2019 19:33
Subject: Call for +1 on shipping address and contact info delegation- Chrome's intent to ship

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Dear Web Payments Working Group,

There were some feedback on Chrome's shipping and contact delegation demos [1] during TPAC-2019, now we are blocked on explicit developers/browser vendors support to proceed with shipping the feature.

Please +1 here or on Blink's intent-to-ship[2] thread if you think the feature is useful. For further details about explainer, design doc, spec changes, web platform tests, etc please check the intent-to-ship thread.

* Feature Summary:

Change the Payment Handler API to let the browser delegate handling of shipping address and payer's contact information to Payment Handlers.

[1] Demos:<>

[2] Bink's Intent-to-ship:!msg/blink-dev/9sZrotql9I8/JIGupWGaCAAJ<>

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