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[Agenda] 20 March Tokenization Task Force call

[Agenda] 22 March 3DS Task Force call

[Agenda] 6 March Tokenization Task Force call

[Minutes] 1 March 2018 3DS Task Force call

[Minutes] 20 March Tokenization Task Force call

[Minutes] 22 March 2018 3DS Task Force call

[Minutes] 22 March 2018 WPWG teleconference

[Minutes] 6 March 2018 Tokenization Task Force - Next call 20 March

[Minutes] 8 March 2018 WPWG teleconference

[w3c/webpayments] specific IL-RFC versions in Interledger readme (#248)

Call for Exclusions (Update): Payment Method Manifest

Cleartext JSON Encryption+Signature

FYI: Thread started regarding strong authentication user experience in Web Security IG

Notes from WebAuthN / Web Payments discussion

Schedule of upcoming WPWG calls

Summary of upcoming WPWG meetings

Venue and hotel information for Singapore face-to-face meeting (19-20 April)

Web Payments Working Group re-charter approved; Call for participation

wpwg-ACTION-85: Carve out time to put together some text on inputs and outputs

wpwg-ACTION-86: Look into (for discover) 1) tsp api requirements and 2) desired domain control params that would be input to the tokenization api.

wpwg-ACTION-87: Follow up with the editors to get info on current behavior and whether spec should say how non-standard codes may be handled

wpwg-ACTION-88: Ensure venue supports remote dial-in

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