RE: Minutes [Was: Agenda 23 May Tokenization Task Force Call]

Hi Ian/All

Very useful and productive discussion today and it's great to see the progress on the Tokenization Task Force.

We will love to be part of the both Gateway and Network token work steam.

@Roy, Clinton, Michel/Olivier, Andre - could you add me to the conversation on Network Tokens.
@ Olivier/Michel - Will send out an invite to connect.

Action items from Mastercard - we will provide an edit/suggestion to the TF mission statement, FAQ and flow (target June 6th).


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Hi all,

Minutes from today’s call:

 * Stan will update the spreadsheet based on discussion today.
 * We are looking into parallel efforts —one one network tokens, one on gateway tokens— as a way
   to independently optimize for each context, then see if they should be addressed separately or
   whether it is useful to have a single payment method across token types.
 * Interested in network tokens: Roy, Clinton, Michel/Olivier, Andre, (Stan?)
 * Interested in gateway tokens: Manash, Olivier/Michel

Next call: 6 June


> On May 22, 2017, at 12:38 PM, Ian Jacobs <> wrote:
> Participants in the Tokenization Task Force,
> We meet tomorrow, 23 May, from 11:30-12:30 ET. WebEx:

> Agenda:
> * Stan will introduce his initial representation of differences between data requirements for different tokenization systems:

> * I updated the Tokenization Task Force mission statement based on last week’s call. Comments welcome!

>   I am also anticipating edits and FAQ suggestions (e.g., around the relation to EMV tokens) from our MasterCard
>   colleagues. I expect those to be available before the 6 June call.
> Previous meeting 16 May:

> Ian
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