Re: [w3c/webpayments] Payment Method Manifest spec - should enable country specific app discovery (#224)

Hi @kayakalan,

Would you be able to expand on the use cases in more detail? Here are some questions and
thoughts that occurred to me:

* Where will the browser get the country information used to make a determination? Will it
   depend on the user's browsing context, the transaction context, or something else?

* I think one way to dispatch by country without adding data to the manifest file would be
   to publish different payment method identifiers:
   I don't claim that's a good design, but it might be useful as a backup.

* The revised proposal [1] has a supported_origins field for delegating authority.
   I am guessing there are times when delegation might vary by country.

So it might make sense to be able to scope manifest blobs by country. But
I am still interested in how the browser learns what the relevant country is,
and look forward to your additional info.



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