Re: Payment App receiving customer details

While I have heard the argument that the data collected is "for the
merchant" I would argue that it is the user's data so the user should be
able to specify if it is shared with third-parties.

I like this proposal but would make some minor adjustments:
1. Don't have a catch-all scope. It's easy enough to list the data you
actually want.
2. Pass the scope's in as an array.

.requestPermission({scopes: ["displayItems", "payer-email",

On 10 March 2017 at 10:38, Frank Hoffmann <> wrote:

> Hi
> I would like to discuss the potential for Payment Apps to receive customer
> and purchase details provided by the merchant or collected by the browser.
> This is related to the discussion in issue #13 (
> webpayments-payment-apps-api/issues/13) and issue #91 (
> Can we
> put this on the agenda for next weeks meeting?
> Use cases:
> 1. A user have multiple "accounts", e.g. private/business. Payment App can
> identify this by email/phone
> 2. Shared computer/browser. Payment App can identify the user by
> email/phone
> 3. Payment App require customer or purchase details. Payment App do not
> have to ask for the same information again / The merchant does not have to
> provide the information in two places (payment method specific object)
> *Suggested solution*
> When a Payment App requests permission to handle payments it can
> optionally request for customer and purchase details to be shared with the
> App. For Payment Apps that have the users consent to share
> customer/purchase details the browser will forward this information (when
> available) to the Payment App when invoked.
> The user will see something like this when permission is requested:
> "Allow to handle payments..
> Your shipping address will be shared with when making a
> payment"
> Related to the discussion in #94 (
> webpayments-payment-apps-api/issues/94) when permission is asked for an
> optional "scope" can be provided.
> Scopes:
> * displayItems
> * payer (covers all of the below)
> * payer:email
> * payer:phone
> * payer:shipping
> Example:
> .requestPermission({scope: 'displayItems, payer:email'})
> Regards
> /frank

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