[Agenda] 29 August Payment Apps Task Force teleconference

Participants in the payments app task force,

We meet 29 August from 10-11am ET.


Previous meeting: 22 August

Proposed next meeting: 5 September

Note: once PR API has moved to CR, the payment apps
task force is likely to disband in favor of discussion of
topics on the full WPWG agenda.



* Discussion about editing policy and tests

* Add CanMakePaymentEvent and AbortPaymentEvent
  Related issues: 157, 117

  - After discussion with Mozilla, Google, Rouslan plans
    to pull out the AbortPaymentEvent into its own pull

  - Rouslan is socializing the idea of:
    a) Making "capabilities" a data parameter where the
       semantics are defined in each payment method specification,
       starting with basic card. For basic card, the capabilities
       data would be filter data, thus enabling the browser
       to do static matching.

    b) AdrianHB will also discuss an idea to perhaps drop
       the CanMakePaymentEvent.

* Issue 173: Ability to set default instrument for given handler

  There is now a pull request about user hints

* Service workers example from Rouslan to illustrate
  how to publish two "wallets" from the origin. Should
  we add this example to the spec? Or to the developer
  portal? Are there issues with the example?

  Rouslan any updates to the example?

  I believe that once we've resolved what to do with the
  example, we can close issue 153.

* Issue 116: Relation between merchant order of payment methods and
  payment app order of instruments.

  See Ian proposal for language (supported by Rouslan):

  Another idea is to remove the requirement language entirely.

* Issue 203: Make explicit which origin to use in conjunction with
  payment method manifest

* Next meeting: Proposed 5 September

Ian Jacobs <ij@w3.org>
Tel: +1 718 260 9447

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