Re: Web Share API

Wow, it really is very similar. It's kind of encouraging to see that we
ended up on more or less the same architecture with regard to the service
worker approach to doing the third party apps.

I think it makes a ton of sense to try to bring these specs as close
together as we can, and establish a pattern / "best practice" for
functionality like this.

The Web Share API does look very useful and relevant, and if I were to
implement it, it would be neat if I could reuse bits of the Web Payments
implementation for handling app registration and mediation.


On Wed, Oct 26, 2016 at 11:02 AM, Adrian Hope-Bailie <>

> Hi Web Payments WG,
> Have a look at the following proposal for a Web Share API from Matt Giuca
> on the Chrome team:
> You'll note it has many commonalities with what we are trying to achieve
> with payment apps (user consent, service workers as targets etc).
> Is there scope to co-operate here and work on a common pattern?
> @zach: Are you in contact with Matt and the team working on this?
> Adrian

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