RE: [Agenda] 19 October Payment Apps task force meeting

Dear WPWG,

                Thanks to Rouslan I had the opportunity to create a demo app of its Payment Request Implementation (cf.<> ).  Let me share some humble feedbacks and also some associated ideas for the Payment apps.

-          The API is as simple and comprehensive as necessary and really easy to use (even with low Javascript skills).

-          As a merchant I’m not really interested in the display of a detailed bill in the mediator because I already displayed it in my pages.

-          As user, I would sense the mediator interface as a new modern PSP interface and I might expect to get the same kind of information (like the acquiring bank logo and other security reassurance).

-          As a merchant again, If I like to goes through a 3D-Secure process, I will have to handle it separately and it bothers me a bit. So, I will delegate all the stuff to my PSP which will create a dedicated payment page that integrates the Payment request and the 3D-S sequence in order to seamlessly provide a consistent user experience.

Which leads me to the Payment App model that I would like to be implemented in order to allow me to develop either a separated mobile native app or  a  web frame integrated within the mediator UI in the same process where the user would select the payment app itself.

III Pascal BAZIN<>

From: Rouslan Solomakhin []
Sent: mardi 18 octobre 2016 19:36
To: Ian Jacobs <>
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Subject: Re: [Agenda] 19 October Payment Apps task force meeting

On Tue, Oct 18, 2016 at 1:17 PM, Ian Jacobs <<>> wrote:
* Rouslan, it would be great for you to share with us your experiences about Android payment app
  integration, and what you think we should adopt for Web based payment apps

Happy to share! :-D
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