[Agenda] 5 October Payment Apps task force meeting

Participants in the payments app task force,
(Rouslan, see question to you below.)

We meet 5 October at 13:00 UTC (9am ET). Here’s the draft agenda.
Please look for your action items in the agenda.

Previous meeting 14 September:

We are using the same WebEx information as previous weeks (requires
Member password to access):



* I’d like to discuss mechanisms for creating trust around Web-based payments apps.

Native app integration experience

 * Rouslan, it would be great for you to share with us your experiences about Android payment app
   integration, and what you think we should adopt for Web based payment apps


 * We had discussed “payment options” as finer-grain information available within the mediator to make
   it possible for users to immediately select, e.g., specific credit cards. Lately there has only been support
   for dropping that, and for keeping the granularity in version 1 a “payment apps appear in the list for user selection.”
   I’d like to get a sense of the consensus on that point.

Getting to FPWD

 * We look forward to reviews from people by 6 October from Zach, Shane, and Max (per our FTF meeting [1] discussion).
   We’ll review those comments at our 12 October call.

  [1] https://www.w3.org/2016/09/19-wpwg-minutes#item04

Other issues

* Review of open issues

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