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Re: [w3c/webpayments] Registration: App supports method but user has no instrument for that method (#110)

From: Tommy Thorsen <notifications@github.com>
Date: Thu, 26 May 2016 06:50:32 -0700
To: w3c/webpayments <webpayments@noreply.github.com>
Message-ID: <w3c/webpayments/issues/110/221876259@github.com>
> So in this example, the app technically supports payment methods C (i.e. it understands the messages and requirements) but it is not able to process payments using that method therefor it should not register itself as supporting method C until the user loads a payment instrument that enables that.

I think we are going to have problems enforcing this. If I put myself in the shoes of a payment app developer: why would I not register all of my supported payment methods as enabled all the time? Even if the user hasn't registered a payment instrument in my app yet, I can lead him through the instrument registration process as part of the payment process.

That way, the user gets to buy his thing without being told `ERROR: NO MATCHING PAYMENT APP`, and I get to make some money off the transaction. Everybody wins! (Except for the users that have many payment apps installed, only some of which have suitable payment instruments registered, but all showing up in the payment app selector regardless).

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