Re: CfC on publishing HTTP API and Core Messages - ACTION REQUIRED

Further to my last response  expressing support for FPWD publication,
here is a response to two specific questions posed to me:
 * Deque systems plans to implement this work?
  * Deque systems plans to contribute to this work as an active
Working Group participant?

Deque Systems is not a payment mediator or payment processor or
payment service provider  nor is it in the business of  making payment
apps. Deque does not make HTTP server and client for executing
payments.   Therefore it is unlikely it will implement this work.

Through WG participation, Deque will be happy to evaluate  the
accessibility of the work produced by this effort / provide feedback.

Thanks and best regards,

Sailesh Panchang
Principal Accessibility Consultant
Deque Systems Inc
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Mobile: 571-344-1765

On 8/19/16, Manu Sporny <> wrote:
> On 08/18/2016 11:58 AM, Adrian Bateman wrote:
>> The current spec describes itself as the Core Messages spec for Web
>> Payments without clearly linking its use to the HTTP API. We request
>>  that at least the title and abstract be adjusted to make this link
>> clear. With these changes we would support publication as a FPWD.
> There have been a number of requests to re-title the "Core Messages"
> specification to "HTTP Core Messages" and update the specification
> abstract and text accordingly.
> At this point, it seems as if that is where there is consensus in the
> group.
> The editors will change the title and specification text accordingly.
> We'll do so after the CfC has ended but before the FPWD publication if
> the CfC to publish the specifications carries.
> We hope that the group will endeavour to align the Web Payments messages
> as much as possible during the remainder of our work in this group.
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