Re: [webpayments] How are third-party native wallets integrated? (#42)

Apps should communicate through an OS-level mechanism, so that linking of interface DLLs or JARs is not required. This requires specifying an interface. For android, the interface could look like this:

- Intent name: "org.w3.intent.action.PAY".
- Intent URL: One of the supported instruments.
- "Details" key maps to the "details" object from the payment request.
- "SchemeData" key maps to the "schemeData" object for this payment app from the payment request.
- The response should have "InstrumentDetails" key that maps to the payment instrument object for merchant.

Android native apps communicate over intents in Java. Other operating systems will use other languages and communication channels. I imagine that apps on iOS would use Objective C.

There should be a JavaScript API for payment web-apps, too.

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