Re: [webpayments] What gets registered - apps, wallets, or payment instruments? (#28)

> We need to have an easy way for a merchant to say that in a vocabulary that
all Payment Mediators will understand.

My understanding is that payment requests would include the identifiers (potentially URLs) for the Payment Methods the merchant supports (along with any payment-method specific information). A Payment Method would not just be "Visa" (or this identified via a URL), it would be something more specific than that. @adrianhopebailie suggested some Payment Method examples: "Legacy Visa Credit", "Tokenised Visa Credit", "Encrypted Visa Credit v2" in [another issue](

In any event, the Payment Mediator would take the identifiers (potentially URLs) from the set of supported Payment Methods in the payment request and compare them against the identifiers from the set of supported Payment Methods for each Payment App. Every Payment App that has a matching Payment Method would be made available to the user as a possible choice. Of course, the Payment Mediator could also potentially give the user the ability to pick defaults or preferences to simplify future selections.

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