Re: [webpayments] Abstract payment architecture (#11)


I am closing this issue as there seems to mostly be consensus on the current form of the architecture. If there are any more specific issues please log with \[Architecture\] in the title.

@dlongley do you think it's important to standardise payment instrument registration? The way this is done and what is actually stored is very dependent on the payment method.

I'd consider payment methods as standards themselves. These will either emerge from communities interested in a common method for using a particular payment instrument (like a Bitcoin wallet) or be designed by proprietary networks that issue payment instruments (like card networks).

Personally, what I like about this model is that it accommodates legacy instruments like cards but is well placed to handle a future where payments online originate from something more akin to an app (like the digital wallets already in use today). 

TL;DR: we absolutely need to accommodate cards but I think their days are numbered as digital payment instruments.

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