Re: [webpayments] Abstract payment architecture (#11)

> The approach you outline would reduce the ability for the Payment Processors (Merchant PSPs) to innovate independently of the issuers which is a key part of the existing ecosystem.

I disagree. In fact I'd say that this opens up the ecosystem for far more innovation from both issuers and PSPs.

There is absolutely no barrier to publishing a payment app (as opposed to the ability to issue payment instruments today). In this ecosystem PSPs could both process payments on behalf of payees and also publish payment apps.

Today only a small number of PSPs (eg: PayPal, Braintree) have the scale and reach to provide both the payer and payee components of online payments. In future any PSP that is capable of processing payments using a particular payment instrument can encapsulate that instrument in their own app. The app can support one or more of the standard payment methods for that payment instrument but also add proprietary methods that extend those standard methods with custom data that can be exchanged when the payer uses their app at merchant sites for whom they are also the PSP.

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