Re: [webpayments] What gets registered - apps, wallets, or payment instruments? (#28)

The intention is that user's register payment apps. The way this is done will differ from platform to platform but a minimum requirement of this is that the payment mediator is aware of the new payment app and which payment methods this app supports.

It is also recommended that payment apps be able to notify the payment mediator of updates to the set of payment methods they support.

I anticipate that there will not be many payment apps that support multiple payment instruments and those that do will do so because they have intelligent ways to help users pick the best instrument for each payment (or even do this for them). This kind of user-centered functionality will be one of the ways that payment apps differentiate themselves.

In terms of sharing across platforms I expect this to follow a similar pattern to something like a password manager. User's that wish to share their passwords across platforms install the same password manager on all platforms and then authenticate themselves with that password manager. The password manager's publisher ensures that passwords are synchronized across platforms on the basis of the same user authenticating on each platform.

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