Re: [webpayments] [Architecture] Payment App is a term used in EMV to describe the applet stored in SC (#31)

I see payment instrument/funding sources as unique and specific to particular users. Ideally, these would be purely declarative in nature. But, in order to use them, you need this "thing" we're trying to name. In order to understand what this thing is, here's my view of how the relevant parts of the payment process could happen. I refer to this "thing" as a "Payment Agent":

Step 1: Payment Mediator presents payment instruments/funding sources to user.

Step 2: User selects a payment instrument/funding source. It will be tied to one or more Payment Agents. If there is more than one Payment Agent for the selection, the Payment Mediator can let the user pick one.

Step 3: Payment Mediator invokes the Payment Agent passing it the selected payment instrument/funding source. (Note there may be an installation step if the Payment Agent is not yet installed in the user's browser).

Step 4: The Payment Agent helps the user make their payment using their selected payment instrument/funding source.

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