Re: [webpayments] Payment Method Identifier Registry should have oversight / formal structure (#25)

A URI is no guarantee of interoperability.  Nor is there any way to
discover a newly minted URI without some sort of (distributed) registry. I
am not suggesting that there be any sort of impediment to anyone
registering anything.  But just because Bob Pay has a new Bob Card at doesn't mean my
application is going to magically learn about it.  On the other hand, if my
application looks to a registry from time to time to see if there are new
methods available, it can then offer that method.  When I get my new Bob
Pay card I can add it into my wallet (or whatever we are calling that now)
because my wallet application has learned about it and its characteristics
from the registry.  Without that, the wallet application needs to get
updated - and probably will only do so when enough people complain about
not being able to add Bob Pay to their wallet. That's just silly.

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> Why would you not want a registry of URIs?
> The Web is the registry. People should be able to mint URIs and use them
> without our involvement.
> Ian
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