Re: New wiki article: TPAC 2015 issues list (was RE: wpwg-ACTION-8: Move google docs list of issues to github wiki)

On 12/01/2015 11:07 AM, Ian Jacobs wrote:
> I’d be happy to work with you on a page that proposes candidate 
> issues for discussion.

Happy to work on it w/ you as well. I didn't see Adrian's email until it
was too late. That'll teach me to skip catching up w/ the mailing list
traffic before doing something.

I am concerned that we're taking what's supposed to be a lightweight
process and making it heavyweight. I also agree that posing the
questions properly is important, and I tried to do a bit of that before
submitting issues. I definitely didn't include the ones I didn't think
were formulated properly, and did some wordsmithing to formulate the
other issues into something that would hopefully lead to a better
understanding of what we wanted as a group.

-- manu

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