Re: P3P 1.1 now in last call

Hi P3P Team,

I finally managed to read the final call spec.

You did a great job finalizing the document.
I did not find any substantial problems and I like the document.
Some minor typos are enclosed.

One question I'd like to know is whether we tested the claimed backward 
compatibility with P3P 1.0 with some browsers. I know that in principle, 
P3P should be backward compatible.
However, mainly out of curiosity whether older browsers may choke on our 
new format, I'd suggest to run some example P3P 1.1 policies through an 
existing browser.


-- Typos --
* Section 1.1.1 2nd bulleted list, bullet 5 (on groups); I suggest to add a 
sentence like "This is in particular helpful for collecting consent to a 
group of statements".

* Appendix 8: There is a additional blank before "American" close to Jeff 
Edelen's name.

At 03:55 PM 2/13/2006 -0500, Lorrie Cranor wrote:

>P3P 1.1 is now in last call
>We need feedback by 31 March 2006.
>There are concerns at W3C that members are losing interest in this
>working group, as there has been very limited participation in this
>group over the past year or so. So besides issues, concerns,
>suggested changes, etc., we need feedback from those of you who don't
>have substantive comments but feel the working group is important and
>worth continuing. If we do not get sufficient evidence of interest in
>continuing work on P3P 1.1 we may close the working group without
>pursuing Recommendation status.
>Lorrie Faith Cranor, Associate Research Professor
>Computer Science and Engineering & Public Policy
>Carnegie Mellon University

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