some minor typos

section 1.1.1: In the 10th list item, "JURISDICTION" instead of
section URI of 95/46/EC:

(the same URI could be used in Appendix 7, section "Information Privacy")
section 3.4: eventually capitalize the "should" in "The Other category
should be used only when ..."
section 4.5: change "policwoesy" to "policy"
section 5.6: remove whitespace in tag in "By using the <  dynamic>"
section 6.4: change "in section 4 of the P3P 1.0 Specificaiton or section
?? of the P3P 1.1 specification" to "in section 4 of the P3P 1.0
Specification or section 4 of the P3P 1.1 specification"
section 6.5: hyperlink reference to section 2.4.4 in first paragraphe
section 6.5: change "RATIONAEL" to "RATIONALE" in list item 2.
section 6.6: change "see section 1.3.3 Identity Definitions" to "see
section 1.3 Identity Definitions"

section 1.3: add "95/46/EC" after "Directive" so that the quotation is more

Best wishes, Sören Preibusch.

Received on Tuesday, 21 February 2006 11:54:05 UTC