comments on latest working draft

I read through the latest working draft and found a number of 
minor errors that need to be fixed:

1.1.1 The list of enhancements is incomplete. It also needs to include:
- An optional element for declaring the jurisdiction of data recipients
- Definitions of identified, identifiable, linked, and linkable data
- An optional element for declaring domain relationships
- A compact version of the STATEMENT element for use in compact policies

It would also be good to list the relevant sections for all of these 

1.3 change reference to my book to a reference in the non-normative 
references appendix

1.3.1 last sentence, there is a quoted phrase at the end of the 
sentence - remove quotes and italicize instead. In first sentence of paragraph hyperlink "linked" to 1.3.4

The section about Domain Relationships --> This section

modifications would allow --> modifications allow

change hyperlink to issues to a reference in the non-normative 
references appendix extension element to --> extension to

the extension needs an xmlns (in BNF and examples) when only using --> when using

2.5 This doesn't appear to reflect the changes I proposed in my April 9 

3.2.3 required. or mixed. --> required or mixed.

3.3.2 one implementers authoring --> one implementer's authoring need xmlns attribute and long and short description in BNF and 

4 strike first paragraph (repeated in second paragraph)

4.7 Add: See Section 6.4 for guidelines designed to reduce the chance 
that a P3P user agent will accept an invalid compact policy.

6.2 are available at ??? --> will be posted on the W3C web site when 
they become available.

remove the . at the end of the money definition

add the CATEGORIES label to the first column of demographic

CATEGORIES optional -- the wording here is stated as "the data element" 
but I think "this data" would make more sense... I wasn't involved in 
this discussion

Appendix 9 - add P3P 1.1 working group contributors in a new paragraph 
at the beginning

Changelog - spell check, I see a bunch of typos

Also we need to add the following (basically a summary of our backwards 
compatibility guidelines documenting that we followed them):

1.1.7 Backwards Compatibility

P3P 1.1 has been designed so that P3P 1.0 user agents can process P3P 
1.1 policies and  policy reference files. This implies both that the 
P3P 1.1 policies and  policy reference files are fully compliant with 
the P3P 1.0 XML schema,  and that the semantics of these files will not 
be misinterpreted by a  user agent that interprets them according to 
the P3P 1.0  specification. All new syntax introduced in P3P 1.1 has 
been introduced as optional extensions using the P3P 1.0 extension  
mechanism. Changes to requirements or definitions introduced in P3P 1.1 
add clarity where the P3P 1.0 specification is ambiguous, but do not  
cause a particular P3P vocabulary element to have different meanings in 
  P3P 1.0 and P3P 1.1. In addition, some new requirements or features 
have been introduced in the P3P 1.1  specification that do not impact 
the ability of P3P 1.0 user agents to  process P3P 1.1 policies and 
policy reference files. 

Received on Tuesday, 25 May 2004 16:00:31 UTC