MINUTES: 03 September 2003 P3P Specification Call

Lorrie Cranor, Bill Duserick, Jeff Edelen, Giles Hogben, Rob Horn, Jack
Humphrey, Ari Schwartz, David Stampley, Rigo Wenning

Patrick Hung, Matthias Schunter

1. Task force reports
Converting P3P data schema to XML schema - Giles Hogben
Giles will submit a draft for review week of Sept 8.
Giles will be meeting with the EU on Sept. 11

Agent and domain relationships - Jack Humphrey
Jack will incorporate comments from previous meeting minutes into Domain
Relationships draft
Jack will convene a meeting next week with Agent and Domain Relationships
Task Force to review draft and solicit more feedback
Jack will begin work on an Agent Relationships document.

2. Discussion of Ari's revised identified/identifiable/link clarification
draft (August 18).

Ari confirmed the date of his latest draft (Aug. 18).  Ari checked Canada's
PIPEDA and confirmed the law did not define "identifiable". Lorrie proposed
and Ari agreed to make final changes (including Rigo's previous comments)
and submit the draft for final review, allowing 2 weeks from submission for
comments.  If no objections are raised this document will be included in the
1.1 Specification, as part of the Terminology section (1.3).

3. Discuss revised consent/grouping proposal
<http://lists.w3.org/Archives/Public/public-p3p-spec/2003Aug/0039.html> )
Lorrie offered a few comments on Matthias' latest e-mails.  First, Lorrie
recommended a clean-up of the language in the proposal.  Second, she
recommended specifying a maximum number of characters for the short
description.  Third, a more significant issue, Lorrie made a case for a
'mixed' consent option.  Rigo raised concerns with "mixed" statements, and
discussion on handling mismatches ensued.  Lorrie proposed that the 1.1
specification should require the 1.1 user agent to perform a consistency
check with the Web site; if an inconsistency is found it would be treated as
a mixed interpretation by the user agent.

Lorrie will re-write Matthias' draft and review with Matthias and Jeremy.

4. Discussion of disputes definition issues -- see comments in green at
David Stampley provided background information on the work on Disputes.  The
proposed change to the Disputes definitions are intended to explain to
consumers the laws that would apply to their activities on a Web site
instead of dictating rights to consumers.  Rigo expressed concerns in light
of the EU directive. Giles will raise the proposed Disputes definitions in
his meeting with EU members on September 11.

Action: All should read David's comments (in green) and send feedback to the
e-mail list.

6. Next call (September 17)

Bill Duserick
Corporate Compliance - Privacy
Fidelity Investments
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