Re: BH: Introducing the Beyond HTTP (BH) Task Force


my name is Marc Langheinrich and i'm interested in joining the "beyond
http" taskforce. i've been involved in p3p early on (fall 99) and ended up
being one of the authors of the p3p spec. i am also the editor for the
appel working draft. 

in real life i am a phd-student at the swiss federal institute of
technology ("eth" is its german abbreviation) in zurich, switzerland,
working in the field of pervasive or ubiquitous computing. not
surprisingly, my phd topic is 'privacy in ubiquitous computing'.

i've been trying to use p3p in the ubiquitous computing prototypes we're
building in our group, and have at one point tried to integrate it into a
soap protocol (though blissfully ignoring any web service architecture
work, i confess). a brief description of my prototype system can be found
in a technote i presented at the "ubiquitous computing" conference in 2002

Marc Langheinrich <> Institute for Pervasive Computing
Dept. of Computer Science, ETH Zurich, IFW D48.2, 8092 Zurich, Switzerland
fon: +41-1-632-0688, fax: +41-1-632-1659,  web:

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