Updates to owl.cs.manchester

Hi folks,

I thought I'd post a little update the University of Manchester OWL  

We've added a couple of new services:
		An easy way to see the basic stats of an ontology without firing up  
		A bare bones module extractor (not really explained yet; come

Uli Sattler's list of DL (and OWL) reasoners is has moved here as well:

(Let Uli know of any new or changed reasoners!)

There is also a new (very experimental) model exploration plug-in for  
Protege 4 --- Supermodel:

This nifty little tool will extract a representation of the models  
for a selected class and let you explore them. It is the excellent  
work of Johannes Bauer who's been visiting us.

We'll be continuing to add services with a very bare bones form  
interface. I hope that sometime next year we'll be able to do some  
nifty web based interface innovation. If there's a service, esp.  
something you know is already in the OWL API, that you'd like to have  
casual, web based access too, please drop us a line.


Received on Friday, 19 September 2008 09:16:10 UTC