Modularity Tutorial at ISWC

Have you heard about all the cool, nifty, amazing work on "modularity  
and OWL" that's been floating around the past few years, but you've  
relegated it to the "scary papers I don't want to read" pile?

Do you deal with large, complex ontologies, or, at least, really want  
to? Do you collaborate?

Do you often think, "My goodness....if I could only see the large  
scale structure of this ontology, I would be able to make a million  

No? This tutorial is still good for you!

The University of Manchester is proud to announce a scintillating  
half-day tutorial at ISWC 2008 on modularity in OWL:

This tutorial is *practically* oriented, i.e., "What can modularity  
techniques do for you if you don't want to write a paper for the  
Journal of Scary Papers but need to work an ontology!" We've  
developed really slick and easy tools for using module extraction  
techniques in Protege4 and we are *down* with the clear, user- 
oriented explanations of how and when to use them!

So please sign up! It doesn't get much better than this (well, at  
least, in the area of OWL-oriented tutorials; in the realm of  
chocolate, it comes up a tad short).

Bijan "Will adjust his caffeine levels before the tutorial" Parsia.

Received on Wednesday, 10 September 2008 18:47:07 UTC