Re: Intersection of properties?

On Aug 3, 2008, at 10:20 PM, Dimitrios Koutsomitropoulos wrote:

>> And so I'm trying to understand which of the implicit rules
>> in the OWL 2 axioms can be used instead of SWRL rules.
> For the DL Safe part, it has been shown that rules can be efficiently
> internalized in SROIQ TBoxes: [1], [2]
> (So these may be the missing pointers that Bijan seeks).

There were, thanks!

(I got OWLEDdc and DL08/Dresden mixed up in my head :))

These are both about non-DL Safe rules, I believe. That's the point!

Jeff, you might consider the EL++ variant. I should think it's pretty  
straightforward to implement a sound and complete EL++ with rules  
reasoner in Javascript a la your current tool.


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