at the Knowledge Representation and Reasoning Group headed by Prof. Hölldobler
at the Faculty of Computer Science of the Technische Universität Dresden,

The group  ( coordinates the ‚€œEuropean Master‚€™s
Program in Computational Logic‚€  (  and
manages the ‚€œInternational Center for Computational Logic‚€
The group‚€™s research orientation is strongly based on logic and formal methods, 
while the focus lies on the development of methods for knowledge representation 
and inference as well as on neural-symbolic integration.

The open position is for a Ph.D. Student or Post-Doc. It is available from
Aug. 1, 2008 with a duration of 3 years and the possibility of prolongation up
to 2 years. The salary is based on E13 TV-L. 

The successful candidate is expected to do research in the area of Computational
Logic (leading to a doctoral thesis in case of candidates without
Ph.D. respectivly leading to a ‚€˜Habilitation‚€™ in case of Ph.D. holders), to do
four hours teaching per week during lecturing periods, to assist in supervising
the work of students, to provide assistance with administrative academic
overhead and project  acquisition in an international setting,  and to play a
substantial role in the administration and maintenance of the group's computer
systems consisting of Linux and Apple computers. 

Applicants should have an excellent diploma or master degree in computer science
or related subject (higher qualifications - e.g. Ph.D. - are also welcome),
substantial knowledge in logic-oriented ArtiÔ¨cial Intelligence and/or related
subjects, proficiency in English, and a substantial acquaintance with German
which promises to impove rapidly till spring 2009 such that it will suÔ¨ƒce for
teaching and dealing with administrative issues. 

Please send your application (CV, certificates, transcript of records, contact
information of persons whom we can contact for references) to the address
mentioned below before July 25, 2008. Please send only copies of your
application documents. Electronic applications are accepted. 

Prof. Dr. Steffen Hoelldobler
International Center for Computational Logic
Technische Universität Dresden
01062 Dresden, Germany

phone: [+49](351)46 33 83 40
fax: [+49](351)46 33 83 42

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