NeOn Plugin Developer Contest: 1st Call for Plugins

******Call for Plugin Submissions*****

NeOn Plugin Developer Contest

-> Develop a Plugin for the NeOn Toolkit

-> WIN UP TO 2000 €

-> Deadline is 31st October 2008


The NeOn project is seeking to create an open, service-centred  
reference architecture for managing the complete lifecycle of  
networked ontologies. This architecture is realised through the NeOn  
Toolkit, a new generation ontology engineering environment for  
semantic applications. The NeOn Toolkit is designed around an open and  
modular architecture, which includes infrastructure services, such as  
registry and repository, and supports distributed components for  
ontology management, reasoning and collaboration in networked  

The NeOn Toolkit is freely available in open source as the reference  
implementation of the NeOn architecture. Building on the Eclipse  
platform, the Toolkit provides an open framework for plug-in  
developers. Within the NeOn project, we are organizing a plugin  
developers contest to stimulate the creation of a wider developers’  
community around the NeOn Toolkit. The most original and innovative  
plugins (please see website for judging criteria) will be awarded  
attractive prizes.

1st Prize: 2000 €

2nd Prize: 1000 €

3rd Prize: 500 €



Call sent out: 01 July 08

Submission site open: 01 August 08

Submission site closes: 31 October 08

Winners notified: 30 November 08

Award ceremony: 8-11 December 08 (NeOn Glowfest @ ASWC08)




·      Enrico Motta (Open University)

·      Rudi Studer (Universität Karlsruhe (TH))

Judging Committee:

·      Jürgen Angele (ontoprise)

·      Michael Erdmann (ontoprise)

·      Aldo Gangemi (CNR)

·      Asunción Gómez Pérez (UPM)

·      Jose Manuel Gomez-Perez (ISOCO)

·      Peter Haase (Universität Karlsruhe (TH))

·      Steffen Staab (Universität Koblenz-Landau)

·      Walter Waterfeld (Software AG)

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