Axiom annotations


> Axioms with annotations are reified. If s p o is the RDF  
> serialization of the corresponding axiom without annotations given  
> in Table 2 and the axiom contains annotations Annotation(apIDi  
> cti), 1  i  n, then, instead of being serialized as s p o, the  
> axiom is serialized as follows:
> _:x rdf:type owl11:Axiom
> _:x T(apIDi) T(cti)   1  i  n
> _:x rdf:subject s
> _:x rdf:predicate p
> _:x rdf:object o
What happens when an Axiom serializes as multiple triples:

> EquivalentClasses(c1 ... cn) =>
> T(ci) owl:equivalentClass T(ci+1)   1  i  n-1

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