Comments on Edited Rec

I have minor comments on the Edited Rec:

In SS&FSS, NF&R and Primer, the buttons that show and hide the examples 
in various syntaxes apparently do not work anymore.

In Primer, there are several instances of owl:DataProperty in the 
examples. Replace by owl:DatatypeProperty.

BTW, maybe it wasn't a good idea to use owl:DataProperty in OWL/XML, 
while all other entities have the same name as their RDF counterparts.

In the XML schema of OWL/XML:

   <xsd:group name="Entity">
       <xsd:element ref="owl:Class"/>  ✓
       <xsd:element ref="owl:Datatype"/>  ✓
       <xsd:element ref="owl:ObjectProperty"/>  ✓
       <xsd:element ref="owl:DataProperty"/>  ✗
       <xsd:element ref="owl:AnnotationProperty"/>  ✓
       <xsd:element ref="owl:NamedIndividual"/>  ✓

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