Re: OWL 2 SS&FSS spec. - 8.1.4 wording sufficent?

Dear Daniel,

Thank you for your comment
on the OWL 2 Web Ontology Language last call drafts.

In the relevant UML definition an enumeration of individuals is  
associated with a set of individuals. The definition of structural  
equivalence is based on the equivalence of these sets. As discussed  
in Section 2.1 [1], sets written in a concrete syntax (such as the  
functional syntax) are not necessarily expected to be duplicate free,  
but duplicates should (in the RFC 2119 sense) be eliminated when  
ontology documents written in such syntaxes are converted into  
instances of the UML classes of the structural specification, i.e.,  
during parsing.

The wording you mention is not part of the formal definition of  
enumerations of individuals but is intended to provide an informal  
and intuitive explanation of the meaning of this piece of syntax. We  
were aware of the possible confusion between UML classes/instances  
and ontology classes/instances and were careful to ensure that we  
explicitly say "UML Class" or "instance of UML Class" whenever we are  
referring to the former. We now explicitly mention this, as well as  
clarifying some other issues related to the use of UML, in Section  
2.1 [1]. To review these changes please refer to the relevant diff [2].



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Ian Horrocks
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