Re: OWL 2 SS&FSS spec. error - sect. 2.4

Ian Horrocks wrote:
> Thank you for your comment
> <>
> on the OWL 2 Web Ontology Language last call drafts.
> We appreciate your careful reading of the document, and have made the 
> necessary correction [1].
> [1] 
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That change does solves the grammar problem.

However, the sentence still seems unclear.

It currently says:

   ... a prefix name is often identified with the prefix IRI it is associated
   with ...

Is it trying to say that the prefix name is used to refer to the
prefix IRI?  If so, the wording seems backwards.  ("identified with"
sounds like it might be used in the sense of "identified using,"
but you aren't saying that people use the prefix IRI to identify
the prefix name.)

Is it trying to say something else?  (Is it using "identified with" in
the sense "A and B are identified with each other" (that is,

My guess is that it's trying to say this:

    ... a prefix name is often used to refer to the prefix IRI that is
    associated with the prefix name ...

Perhaps that wording or a refined version of it would be better.


Is "identified with" meant in the sense of "identified using"?

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