A late LC2 comment

Dear Sirs,

I've been using OWL-DL for about 3 to 4 years. During this period, I've
always missed some added expressivity concerning properties. I skimmed
through OWL2 (new-features, direct-semantics and quick-ref) documents, and I
was very happy to conclude that all of my concerns (with one exception) have
been addressed. If I may say so: Excellent work!

For the record, the level of expressivity that I still miss in OWL2 is the
possibility to define a property as the union of other (consequently sub)
properties. This added level of expressivity, together with the new
Disjoint*Properties axioms, would allow me to partition a property into a
set of sub-properties (pretty much as DisjointUnion of classes, but for
properties). The latter constitutes the actual feature that I miss in OWL2.

I'm aware that the present Last Call phase is not appropriate for
proposing/discussing new levels of expressivity. Please excuse me for my bad
timing. For what is worth, and out of respect for your work, I'm posting
this comment intentionally after the deadline for LC2 comments. If you find
this comment to be irrelevant, just ignore it, and please do not waste any
more time with it! After all the deadline for LC2 comments has expired ;-)

Keep up the good work,
Ricardo Amador

Received on Thursday, 14 May 2009 09:51:31 UTC