Feedback to OWL 2 SSFS - CR June 11

Some of these minor You probably already know - sorry for this redundance.

- sec. 3.6.     CP 2.2     "D" should be "D_I"

                   CP 3.1      The last sentence is a bit confusing to
me since 5.8.1 is applicable for OWL 2 DL, while CP is applicable for
general OWL 2 ontologies. I would understand it better if the last
sentence says "For OWL 2 DL ontology, the set AllDecl(D) must satisfy
the typing constraints from Section 5.8.1. "

- sec. 5.7      In the first sentence of the last example "Even through"
-> "Even though"

- sec. 7.         Figure 6.  UML class Literal has a field
"lexicalValue", while in Figure 2 it is a "lexicalForm". This should be

- sec. 8.1.4   In the first example, the comment of the second axiom
lacks the "Chris" name.

- sec. 8.3.3   In the first example, the beginning of the last paragraph
should be "This is because the first two axioms ..." rather than "This
is because the this two axioms ...". Furthermore, in the last sentence
of this paragraph : "... not an instance if ..." -> "not an instance of
..." and "... of a:Dogby ..." -> "of a:Dog by".

- sec. 9.3.1.   In the first paragraph, "OPE_1" -> "DPE_1"

- sec. 9.6.2.  In the example, "... the following three names ..." ->
"... the following four names ..."

- sec. 11.2    Restrictions on Datatypes, third condition: "... for each
axiom of the form DatatypeRestriction( DT  DR ) ..." -> "... for each
axiom of the form DatatypeDefinition( DT  DR ) ..."

- A general remark: Why did You choose to provide syntactic sugar
explanations for some OWL 2 constructs and axioms ( e.g.
EquivalentClasses( CE1 CE2 ) is equivalent to the following two axioms:
SubClassOf( CE1 CE2 ), SubClassOf( CE2 CE1 )) and not for others (e.g.
IrreflexiveObjectProperty( OPE ) can be specified as equivalent to
SubClassOf( owl:Thing ObjectComplementOf( ObjectHasSelf( OPE ) )  ).


Petr Kremen

Received on Monday, 17 August 2009 08:43:29 UTC