Antisymmetric vs. asymmetric object properties

I wonder if it's possible to include both antisymmetric as well as asymmetric and symmetric as an Object Property Expression?

I don't know what the addition of antisymmetric axioms would do to the decidability and complexity of description-logic reasoning with OWL ontologies, but it seems basic to assert that relations like part_of are antisymmetric, reflexive, and transitive (if you assert that it is asymmetric and reflexive you generate a contradiction and both Fact++ and Pellet in Protégé 4.0 crash).

For sure antisymmetric is a weaker constraint than asymmetric, and weaker constraints tend to increase complexity (disjunction vs. conjunction).  However, it seems as though the tableau could be simpler because a node could point to itself with an antisymmetric relation whereas an asymmetric relation requires the addition of a node.


William Hogan, MD, MS
Director, Medical Vocabulary Services
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