Re: <head><link rel="webfinger" href="" /></head>?

Excerpts from Pelle Wessman's message of 2012-02-12 12:49:32 +0000:
> If it would just be a link to a generic webfinger identifier then using 
> rel="me" for profile pages and rel="author" for articles would be enough  I 
> think - no need for a new relation type. You will know that it's a 
> webfinger identifier by the style of the href, won't you?
i get your point and agree!

> And regarding the use of OExchange - have you looked at Web Intents? If eg. 
> OStatus was to define a Web Intents intent of it's own then that could 
> easily be used to add follow-buttons on any OStatus profile that any 
> OStatus subscriber could subscribe to. Google Chrome already has initial 
> support for Web Intents in their latest dev builds.
i've just subscribed to Web Intents mailing list few days ago but haven't read up on it yet, would you like to share some more details on how we could implement such 'follow-buttons' with them?

> / Pelle Wessman
thanks for your suggestions Pelle =)
~ elf pavlik ~

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