[webrtc-quic] RTCQuicRole should support a "client-browser" role (#134)

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== RTCQuicRole should support a "client-browser" role ==
There should be some process where RTCQuicRole.client can be converted to a "local only" browser url which opens in another browser tab.  We could call it RTCQuicRole.client-browser.  Having such a capability would open up multiple use cases.

The one I'm most interested in would be vpn clients.  With websocket and RTCDataChannel we now have a couple ways to "tunnel" vpn packets, the remaining problem is having a way to peel off the outer layers, such as wireguard, etc., within a browser process which is essentially acting as a "web server" within a "web page", or maybe I should call it a vpn proxy/web server/web page.  From this "vpn proxy/web server/web page" we can launch a "single" connection (via a special url) which proxies http3/quic traffic for another browser tab which then provides a normal browser experience within the vpn.

To simplify all of the above.  The intention would be running a special/local "web server" within a browser page/tab.  From this tab, through opening a special url, other tabs could be spawned which are connected to the local web web server.  The local web server can then proxy traffic over vpn connections being tunneled via websocket or rtcdatachannel.

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