QUIC APIs: ORTC and WebRTC-QUIC specifications

The QUIC APIs originally included within the ORTC API specification have been broken out into a separate specification:

This separate specification (entitled "QUIC API for WebRTC") is potentially implementable within ORTC as well as within the WebRTC 1.0 API. 

So as to avoid having to maintain two versions of the QUIC API specification, ORTC APIs Section 13 (RTCQuicTransport) and 14 (RTCQuicStream) have been removed, and the definitions of the RTCQuicTransport and RTCQuicStream now have a (non-normative) reference to the WebRTC-QUIC specification Section 4 (RTCQuicTransport) and Section 5 (RTCQuicStream). 

Currently, the WebRTC-QUIC specification doesn't provide any examples. 

Pending discussion of what examples are appropriate for WebRTC-QUIC, the QUIC example that was formerly in ORTC Section 13 has been parked in Section 19.2 (see: http://draft.ortc.org/#rtcquicexample*)

Since we have consolidated work on QUIC within the WebRTC-QUIC specification and repository, participants interested in filing issues or PRs relating to support of QUIC data exchange within ORTC or WebRTC should use these links: 
Issues: https://github.com/w3c/webrtc-quic/issues
PRs: https://github.com/w3c/webrtc-quic/pulls

A recent "intent to implement" statement is here: 

Details of the the multiplexing of the QUIC protocol with DTLS, SRTP, STUN, TURN, etc. are discussed here: 

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