Discussion of MIME type/subtype within WEBRTC WG virtual interim

Today in the WEBRTC WG Virtual Interim, it was pointed out that VP8 is currently used for encoding of Depth Tracks.

Therefore, it is possible for getCapabilities("depth").codecs[j].name to have a value of "VP8" - but the corresponding MIME media type would be "video", NOT "depth".

Since the VP8 video codec can be used to encode a depth track, there would not necessarily be a good reason for the IETF to allocate a MIME media type of "depth".

Therefore, consensus of the WEBRTC WG was to include both the MIME media type and subtype within the mimeType attribute:  "video/VP8", "audio/PCMU", etc.

Received on Friday, 27 May 2016 16:44:26 UTC