W3C invites W3C Community Groups to meet at TPAC 2016


As part of an experiment, we are creating an opportunity for W3C Community  
Groups to meet at the upcoming W3C TPAC, held in Lisbon, Portugal, 19-23  
September 2016.

About TPAC:
Since 2001, W3C has been hosting yearly TPACs [1].
This five-day event allows Working Groups (WG) and Interest Groups (IG) to  
hold their face to face meetings in one place, on Monday/Tuesday and  
Thursday/Friday, and have the opportunity to meet and liaise with  
participants from other groups.
A Technical Plenary meeting takes place on the Wednesday of that week,  
most of which is organised as "camp-style" breakout sessions. You may look  
at the TPAC 2015 site for more detail [2].

CGs at TPAC experiment:
* W3C Community Groups can hold 2-hour meetings on Monday, Tuesday,  
Thursday, Friday.
* We can accommodate 4 meetings per day, so 16 over the entire TPAC week.
* The meeting room can accommodate 20 persons, classroom style, equipped  
with a screen and video projector and speaker-phone on demand.
* The daily TPAC 2016 registration fee (TBD) is the same; it includes  
lunch, morning and afternoon coffee/tea break.
* Outside of their Community Group meetings, non W3C-Member CG  
participants may attend as observers those Working and Interest Groups  
meetings who accept observers (some groups may not permit observers, this  
is at the Chair's discretion.)

Slot allocation:
* The W3C Team will open the TPAC 2016 subscription of groups on 7 March  
* The W3C team will proceed with slot allocation, including selection  
should there be more than 16 Community Groups subscribing.

We are hoping this is an opportunity that you find appealing. Please,  
discuss within your Community Group.

Let us know if you have questions or need more information, by writing to  

Thank you,
Coralie Mercier, Head of W3C Marketing & Communications

[1] https://www.w3.org/2002/09/TPOverview.html
[2] https://www.w3.org/2015/10/TPAC/

Coralie Mercier  -  W3C Marketing & Communications -  http://www.w3.org
mailto:coralie@w3.org +336 4322 0001 http://www.w3.org/People/CMercier/

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