[ortc] What does minQuality do, exactly?

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== What does minQuality do, exactly? ==
Currently the ORTC API includes parameters.encodings[j].minQuality, 
which is defined as follows: 

minQuality of type double, defaulting to 0

Never send less than this quality. 1.0 = maximum attainable quality. 
For scalable video coding, this parameter is only relevant for the 
base layer. This parameter is ignored in an RTCRtpReceiver object. 

Can an application use parameters.encodings[j].minQuality to advise 
the browser when to drop a simulcast or SVC stream?    How does this 
relate to parameters.degradationPreference?

This issue was discussed at the W3C WEBRTC WG meeting on January 14, 
2015. Slides and minutes: 

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