[ortc] Constructor issue in respec

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== Constructor issue in respec ==
Currently the ORTC specification is specifying the constructor on the 
same line as the interface with respec.  For example: 

<dl class="idl" title="[Constructor(RTCIceTransport transport, 
sequence&lt;RTCCertificate&gt; certificates)] interface 
RTCDtlsTransport : RTCStatsProvider">

This is not properly rendering objects (which should be automatically 
linked) or attributes (which should be in italics).  The correct way 
to do this is as follows: 

                <dl class="idl" title="interface RTCDtlsTransport : 
RTCStatsProvider ">
                    <dt>Constructor (RTCIceTransport transport, 
sequence&lt;RTCCertificate&gt; certificates)</dt>

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