[ortc] Why is RTCDtlsFingerprint.value lowercase?

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== Why is RTCDtlsFingerprint.value lowercase? ==
> 4.5.1 Dictionary RTCDtlsFingerprint Members
> value of type DOMString
> The value of the certificate fingerprint in lowercase hex string as 
expressed utilizing the syntax of 'fingerprint' in [RFC4572] Section 

However [RFC 4572 section 
5](http://tools.ietf.org/html/rfc4572#section-5) clearly states:

> The hash value is represented as a sequence of
   uppercase hexadecimal bytes, separated by colons.  The number of
   bytes is defined by the hash function.  (This is the syntax used by
   openssl and by the browsers' certificate managers.  It is different
   from the syntax used to represent hash values in, e.g., HTTP digest
   authentication [18], which uses unseparated lowercase hexadecimal
   bytes.  It was felt that consistency with other applications of
   fingerprints was more important.)

Why lowercase then?

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