Issue 222: RTCIceCredentialType

WebRTC 1.0 has added support for RTCIceCredentialType to RTCIceServer, so the proposal is to add this to ORTC as well, as follows:

dictionary RTCIceServer {

             (DOMString or sequence<DOMString>) urls;

             DOMString                          username;

             DOMString                          credential;

             RTCIceCredentialType               credentialType = "password";


2.12 enum RTCIceCredentialType

RTCIceCredentialType represents the type of credential used by a TURN server.

enum RTCIceCredentialType {



Enumeration description


The credential is a long-term authentication password, as described in [RFC5389], Section 10.2.


The credential is an access token, as described in [TRAM-TURN-THIRD-PARTY-AUTHZ], Section 6.2.

Received on Tuesday, 22 September 2015 16:36:31 UTC