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Good stuff, Adam.  However, the most important types of content that should be considered are the candidates’ own “issue statements,” which would be best published as performance plans in an open, standard, machine-readable format like StratML.


I’ve begun demonstrating that concept at


There are more than 4,000 plans in the StratML collection that could be used to test and validate decision support systems, based upon the identification of goals and objectives supported by users: 


Lord knows, we can do better than #gofpau. 





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does that wikipedia article really not have an example of one in it?



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W3C Open Government Community Group,

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I would like to share a hyperlink to a new Wikipedia article on the topic of voter decision support systems: .



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W3C Open Government Community Group,


I think that there is something to Web-based and desktop-based information dashboards and decision support systems for voters. Such decision support systems could aggregate election news articles and provide data visualization with respect to local, state and national elections.


I recently started some discussions about a new contest pertaining to the design of voter decision support systems. I indicated that there should be a well-publicized and periodic, e.g. annual, contest of designs and design concepts. I indicated that we would want to facilitate the best new designs and design concepts with advancements to Web standards including news article metadata and schema.


We could also facilitate the best new ideas with advancements to open government data, with advancements to <>  .



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