Re: [open-government] "Open Government Data Standard 2.0" (DRAFT)

Hi Andreas & Alex,

If it helps, I published the main calculation in "American" - meaning in actuarial terms which American citizens won't have to learn (my fellows are a grouchy bunch when asked to preform an actual specification reading ritual).  The fact is that although the United States is by many measures a young country it is for governmental accounting a respectably old representative democracy over-layed on a former set of colonial subdivisions.

It is easy enough to make a perpetual calendar "Data Base" ...
[21st Century, 2nd Decade of the Century, 7th Year of the Decade]|
[241st Summer of Independence, 228th Year since Founding Constitution]| (Midsummer Serialization=Northern Hemisphere)
[57th Presidential Election, 4th Year of Office]| (Presidential Election held every four years)
[114th Congress 2nd Session]| (A Congress, 2 one year terms with elections held every two years)
State of the Union Address / Annual Report|

The cardinality of the institution anniversaries is arbitrary.
If you want to virtualize, by which I mean publish your supposed start years, you can.

Germany will have to add 239 to their version number (2.0) but the rest of the EU will have to add 241 to catch up. :)

For every year, the result is a balance sheet "form" with a 17 unit long [A ... Q] vector to fill it:
2016Annual Report:  Monthly Reports  Monthly Reports  Monthly Reports  Quarterly Reports  Annual Report
2016:1st Quarter  C                          D                        E                       B                        A
2016:2nd Quarter  G                       H                       I                         F  
2016:3rd Quarter  K                          L                        M                       J  
2016:4th Quarter    O                          P                        Q                        N
                                ============================================        =============      ==========
Sum = {3 Gov Years}                           {1 Gov-Year}                                                       {1 Gov Year}          {1 Gov Year}

Q: So who is putting Schrödinger's Cat on trial 17 times a year ?
A: Schrödinger's Cat's Tax Accountant.

On Tue, 6/14/16, Andreas Kuckartz <> wrote:
Subject: Re: [open-government] "Open Government Data Standard 2.0" (DRAFT)
 Cc: "Open Government WG list" <>, "" <>
 Date: Tuesday, June 14, 2016, 3:52 PM
 Hi Alex,
 an English translation of the
 document is not provided. You can raise
 I already raised
 this issue:
 Replace German
 by English class and attribute identifiers
 > Thank you
 and is there a translation available into English language
 > non German speakers ?
 > Alex
 > On Tuesday, 14 June 2016, 20:24, Andreas
 Kuckartz <>
 > wrote:
 > Yesterday a DRAFT of
 the German "Open Government Data Standard 2.0"
 > published on the Joinup platform of
 the European Commission:
 > Be prepared: The
 title of the document is in English but the text is
 > The
 specification is about "metadata".
 > The plan is to make
 it a standard which is legally binding for all
 > branches of the German government.
 > Please submit
 comments / issues within the next six weeks:
 > And if you find that
 your issue has already been raised: feel free to
 > add a comment supporting it !
 > Cheers,
 > Andreas
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