On 18/11/2015 15:07, James McKinney wrote:
> Hi Phil,
> I checked the archives, but I could not find Daniel Schwabe’s message. Was it made to another list?
> I had been using that namespace as a placeholder with the intention of eventually following up about its use. (To my knowledge, everyone is using Popolo as plain JSON and not taking advantage of any RDF features, so nothing relies on the namespace at the moment.) I chose that namespace because my understanding of the terms for W3C Community Groups is that an identically-named namespace can be made available. However, I haven’t spoken to anyone at W3C about it. So, let this be the start of that discussion! What are the next steps?

Hi James,

Yes, as the work is being done in a CG, that means that IPR commitments 
have been made and there's 'sufficient process' to be comfortable with 
the namespace being used. So it's a pretty shallow hill to climb.

In an ideal world, I could point you to a tool that members of the CG 
could use to manage the namespace, adding new terms, translations of 
existing terms, clarifying old ones, maybe deprecating them, and the 
tool would magically maintain all the different serialisations and 
schemas. Wouldn't that be a good Christmas present? (If someone has the 
time and skills to build such a tool, we're all ears - it's been on our 
wish list for ages).

Meanwhile, ahem... it's a case of me (or another W3Team member) manually 
committing files to our CVS repository which I'm happy to do for you as 
and when. It's a trivial task but nevertheless it is a manual task for now.

What I would ask for as a minimum is an HTML page that I can post to 
/ns/opengov that includes pointers to the documentation and info about 
the vocab. We are generally not happy though with redirects although, 
with clearance from higher up the food chain here, that *might* be possible.



> Cheers,
> James
>> On Nov 18, 2015, at 10:00 AM, Phil Archer <> wrote:
>> James,
>> As you may recall from his postings on this list a few weeks back, Daniel Schwabe is looking into using the Popolo vocabulary. He's brought my attention to your/Popolo's use of a namespace that doesn't dereference, i.e.
>> We can probably help with that, i.e. we could potentially host the vocabulary, but we'd need to go through a few hoops to get there. Can you please fill me in on how the use of this namespace has come about? Did you talk to anyone at W3C about it? I want to be helpful and support the work you/this community is doing as it's clearly valuable but in order to do that, we need to work together.
>> Thanks
>> Phil.
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