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Re: [Poplus] Popolo and JSON-LD

From: Andreas Kuckartz <a.kuckartz@ping.de>
Date: 13 Apr 2015 07:19:59 +0200
Message-ID: <552B51FF.7080609@ping.de>
To: "James McKinney" <james@opennorth.ca>
Cc: poplus@googlegroups.com, public-opengov@w3.org
Am 08.04.2015 23:53, schrieb James McKinney:
> All the Popolo-compliant data I’m aware of uses plain JSON. There’s
> no comprehensive registry - I’m not sure what the utility of such a
> registry would be, outside of focused projects/campaigns like
> EveryPolitician.

Data can not be used if it can not be accessed. And it can not be
accessed if it is not known where it is or that it does exist at all.

I would like to analyse the data, convert it to RDF and do something
with that heap of Linked Data (and in combination with other Linked
Data). Currently I can do none of these.

>> 4. Is anyone aware of tools to convert pure Popolo JSON to a
>> JSON-LD serialization ?
> For any Popolo-compliant plain JSON document, you can (for most
> properties) just apply the appropriate JSON-LD context; in other
> words, most plain JSON documents are JSON-LD documents with an
> implicit @context.

I am interested in machine readable Linked Data. Implicit contexts are
out of band information and therefore prevent machine readability.

And if the implicit context does not apply to all properties there is
an information loss, something I do not find acceptable because the
JSON-LD serialization should contain at least as much information as
the pure JSON version.

> While there are some differences between plain JSON and JSON-LD 
> serializations [1], many of those differences aren’t realized, 
> since the JSON-LD contexts, for example, alias the common vote 
> result values (which are the strings “pass” and “fail" in plain 
> JSON) to an appropriate URI.

If there were no difference between these serializations then the only
difference would be the inclusion of a context - which is almost
trivial and does not really require JSON-LD know-how.

The critical differences are those where a JSON-LD context can not help.

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