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Expressing relations between targets?

From: Simon Rainer <Rainer.Simon@ait.ac.at>
Date: Mon, 9 Dec 2019 13:02:11 +0000
To: "public-openannotation@w3.org" <public-openannotation@w3.org>
Message-ID: <abd91792afb648a38a47e2bb8a399092@ait.ac.at>
Dear list,

I have a question regarding the possible use of the WebAnno model for expressing a relationship between two targets.

My scenario is the following:

*) I have two text annotations that identify people. Each annotation has a single target (the person name in a TextQuoteSelector, and character offset in a TextPositionSelector); and a single body (with purpose "identifying").

*) I now want to create a third annotation that expresses a relation between person A and B. (E.g. "A is the father of B" or similar.)


My approach would be to model this third annotation like the sample below. I.e. with:

*) two targets, each holding the ID of one person annotation

*) a body with the relation tag ("is the father of")

*) a motivation of "linking"

According to the definition for "linking", that's not correct though. "Linking" is supposed to express a link between body and all targets, rather than a link between the targets. In addition, there's also no way to express directionality.

Does anyone have recommendations on how to tackle such a use case with WebAnno? I realize that (some of) this may actually be out of scope for the spec as such. In this case, I'd appreciate any thoughts, opinions, and possible recommendations on a custom extension pattern, if needed.

Cheers & thanks in advance,



  "@context": "http://www.w3.org/ns/anno.jsonld",
  "id": "#9ba844a7-e8ec-4127-ad12-1f7f16a240c6",
  "type": "Annotation",
  "motivation": "linking",
  "body": [{
    "type": "TextualBody",
    "value": "isRelatedTo"
  "target": [{
    "id": "#ce0ed291-766b-4763-8e91-90ce1d04e706"
  }, {
    "id": "#447d4bea-08dc-4bd0-ae51-31f5ed7a95a0"

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